My Views

I describe myself as an atheist, by this I mean that I am certain that no god, gods, spirit or any other supernatural or divine power or entity exists in this universe or any other plane of existence as yet undiscovered by science.

Despite not being a current member of any political party, I have always voted conservative, although many would describe me as liberal. I generally believe in small government, market economics and high levels of personal freedom, be that freedom of speech, thought or action, if no harm comes to non-consenting adults I find it difficult to argue against it. I abhor all forms of prejudice and bigotry be it for sex, race, sexual orientation, age, religion, nationality, disability or anything else you can think of. I don’t believe that harsher punishments deter criminality and I think the criminal justice system should be there to minimise the risk of re-offending rather than exercising society’s wish for vengeance.

I see no difference between the family in the house opposite mine and one in a refugee camp outside a war zone. We’re all humans, regardless of where we are or where we’re from. Believing that the citizens of your country should be treated preferably to those of any other is not only morally wrong, in my opinion but is also fundamentally divisive and the cause of much of the world’s current problems.

I’m a Europhile, I believe in the ever closer integration of European states. I’d like to think of this as stepping stone to closer unity between all the world’s peoples. Unrealistic utopian ideal as this may be, I believe it is what we should be working toward.


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