My Background

I grew up during the 1980s, I was christened as a child and confirmed into the Anglican church when I was a teenager. In my later teens I started reading the whole bible rather than just the selected pieces our chaplain had selected for us, after reading it in full and much of the apocrypha, I decided to educate myself further in the beliefs of people throughout the world and the history behind those beliefs. The more I learnt, the less faith I had until I reached my current belief system.

Despite being from a fairly privileged background and being educated privately until the age of 16, I left school with little in the way of formal qualifications. I tried returning to education after some time at work but found my motivation and discipline lacking. After drifting in and out of work for several years I was given the opportunity to start my own business and have never looked back.

Almost all the technical knowledge I possess on any topic is self-taught, through reading books on subject I have chosen to learn about. Although I may have more knowledge than your average layman on subjects I have an interest in (history of religion, cosmology, cricket), it is no way definitive and I am not an expert on anything.

I’m married, in my early (mid) 30s and have no children of my own, although my wife has a teenage daughter from a previous marriage who has known me for more than half her life. I look upon her with all the love and care that I would hope to if she was biologically mine.


2 Responses to My Background

  1. Like you, I was brought up within a church (Episcopalian for me) and began questioning early. I studied religion because I wanted to be sure I clearly understood what it was I didn’t believe in. My experience with educational institutions (in my case, in the United States) has been that they may provide the basics, but to have a real understanding of the world one must educate oneself, and be intellectually omnivorous.

    Continue speaking out and sharing your thoughts. By speaking out, and expressing ourselves, atheists and secular humanists raise awareness and question assumptions, bringing enlightenment to a demon-haunted world.

  2. Persto says:

    Thank you for the follow! I have enjoyed your blog, btw.

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