What’s the point of Jesus?

I can’t see one, let me some up the story of Jesus from a christian point of view:

Firstly, you have to understand the concept of the trinity; god the father, god the son & god the holy spirit/ghost. These are all aspects of the same god, not separate entities. Different names given to the same supernatural being dependent on circumstance. Therefore Jesus was not the son of god in a way that made him separate or less divine, he was god made man. This is not an idea that I’ve come up with to fit into my own heretical theology, this was decided by the first council of Nicaea in 325 CE, which gave us what is known today as the Nicene creed.

God, seeing that people aren’t obeying him decides to go down to earth in order that he might persuade them to behave better. He seems to have told a number of people beforehand, who wrote the books that would become known as ‘the prophets’ in the old testament, so he’d clearly been planning it for a while. Despite claiming biological descent from David on his father’s side (to the community at least) in order that he fulfil the prophecies, he also claims a virgin birth, which was necessary to fit in with some of the other stories he’d previously told the prophets. Here’s my first problem, why is any sort of birth necessary, other than to fit in with the prophecies? Surely an omnipotent god doesn’t actually need a mother, maybe it’s just to persuade us he’s actually a real man, although he spends the rest of the gospels trying to prove how different he is to other men.

Anyway, after his birth we have some stories about Jesus with John the Baptist, when he appears to be a follower of John before the temptations in the desert. Again, if he is god, why does he need to be baptised and how can he be tempted at all? Once he’s finished being tempted to use his powers by one of his fallen former angels, he begins the main part of his life. This seems to consist mainly of a series of miracles, healings, parables & their explanations. An omnipotent god is using magic to persuade those around him that he is more powerful than other teachers & healers of the time (and there were plenty) who were also performing similar feats to impress their followers.

It would also appear that not long after his descent to earth, god decided that in order to get those pesky humans to obey his laws, he’d have to make them easier to understand, less complicated. In fact, why not just get rid of almost all of them? Why not throw out all the dietary laws? How about letting people work on the sabbath and reducing the commandments from ten to just two? Introduce a couple of laws based on forgiveness, discourage divorce, usury and business success, could the people of earth be trusted to follow these? Well clearly the whole prophecy fulfillment, virgin birth, miracle thing wasn’t really working. I mean he had 12 close guys and there were quite a few followers hanging around listening to his teachings in various places but they probably listened to all the nutty teachers, there’s not much evidence of any large homogenous group specific to him. If the gospels are to be believed, he would seem to be pretty unpopular with the majority of the established jewish community. What do you expect if you’ve been brought up to belive that only by obeying all of the seemingly unending torrent of laws in the torah can you earn the grace of god, then this new guy comes along saying you don’t need to do all that, just do these couple of things and you’ll be fine, how would you react?

Clearly most of the religious leaders at the time didn’t believe him to be anything more than a deviant, trying to corrupt the local populace with his abandonment of traditional law. ‘I know’, says god, ‘I’ll get myself killed and resurrect myself, that’ll show ’em’. Nice move god. Sacrifice yourself to you so that their sins will be forgiven by you. Well they do say he works in mysterious ways but It seems quite a roundabout way of doing it. Anyway, what’s next? Oh yes, the resurrection. I thought the point of this was to prove to the non-believers that he was actually god and not just another wacko wandering the streets pretending to be the son of god (we have loads now, why would it have been any different then?). Seems to have been a bit of a mix-up here, maybe some crossed wires when discussing a plan of action with the angels but he doesn’t seem to have appeared before many people who didn’t already believe in his divinity before he died. Apart from reaffirming the faith of those who had believed in him in life, he doesn’t seem to have done much else once resurrected.

Forgive me if I sound facetious but if those who knew him and believed he was the son of god in life, doubted his rebirth until they physically saw him with their own eyes (although he must have looked a bit of a state because most of them took a while to recognise him), cannot I, who certainly never knew or even saw him in either life or death, be forgiven for doubting? Or are the disciples & Marys permitted their doubt on the basis of not having had two thousand years of dogma shoved down their throat throughout their childhood?

As far as I can make out, there may well have been a teacher around at that time in Judea, who claimed to heal (placebo is a wonderful thing) and who mainly taught that being nice to each other and breaking the odd religious taboo was a better way to live than following the letter of the law but being a total arse. Apart from being a way to get people to believe his teachings were from a genuine holy source (virgin births and resurrections are common in god & demigod myths), it could also be understood that despite his death, his teaching (and therefore his spirit) was still with his followers after the crucifixion. However, the whole christian church seems to be based on dogma, with various factions warring over minutiae rather than just generally being nice to each other.

I may not believe in god but I think I’m a better christian than most who do.

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All comments are welcome, I’ll try to answer as many as I can.


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